How to activate the remote control?

For your first time activating the light kit after installation, please follow these steps: before connecting the light kit to power or battery, press and hold the power button. Once connected, continue to hold the button for 3 seconds or until the lights flash, indicating successful activation. This ensures that your light kit is working at optimal performance and is ready to create a truly captivating visual experience for you. Read more


Why do certain products come with a hard-copy menu while others do not?

Our products typically come with digital manuals, which can be downloaded from the product page. However, we recently started offering paper versions of our manuals, beginning earlier this year. With over 100 products available in New Zealand, and more than 300 products available in the overseas market, it's difficult to design and print hard copies for all of them at once. Nevertheless, all of our products are included on our printed list, and we are continually working to perfect them one by one. We are committed to providing the best possible product experience for our customers, and we are constantly striving to improve.


Can the light kit be added after the lego set is built?

We recommend installing the LED lights after the Lego set has been fully built, ensuring that you get the most out of the building experience and allowing you to fully appreciate the captivating transformation that our lighting kit brings to your creation.



If your lights are not working, it could be due to several reasons. For example, it might be an issue with the USB power cable or a short circuit during the installation process. To troubleshoot the issue, we recommend that you follow these simple steps when conducting your testing.

  1. Ensure that you have a confirmed working power supply, such as a 5V phone charger.

  2. Unplug all light cables from the socket, except for the power cable.

  3. Plug each cable into the socket individually.

  4. If none of the lights works, the issue may be with the USB power cable.

  5. If only some of the lights work, it could be that the cables may have been squeezed or broken by the bricks during installation. Remove the bricks and check the cable or contact us to request replacement components for any broken cables or parts.



We strongly recommend watching our Youtube videos before starting to install light kit if you have no any experience before. Start with some simple/easy ones and you will become more and more proficient in how to install the components and hidden wires after some practice.


YouTube channel: 



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