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BrickFans NZ produce LED lighting components designed to complement the LEGO® building system.

This user guide is designed to help you properly identify and handle the various components - ensuring a trouble-free installation. We use extremely thin wire in order to achieve a better-hidden line effect, you need to be very careful during the installation process and please do not press on the wires with bricks.


  • Power should be less than 5v, it is very helpful to the light;
  • Not for children under six;
  • Please prepare tweezers and have a test of the light to make sure all can light up;
  • LED lights damage easily. Please take it as carefully as you can;


      Using instruction

      • connect to power bank or battery box and light up your building blocks;
      • When you installing the light kits please make sure that the wire is hide between two knobs of the plate, but not be pressed by the bricks directly;
      • Remove the side of the street light brick ,and Hide the cables at the bottom; 
          • Hide the spare wire under the bricks;
          • Led plates is always installed on the ceiling;

          Our YouTube channel and tutorial examples

          Highly recommend watching our YouTube channel before you install your light kits. 

          YouTube channel: 




          Remote control

          For first time activation after installation, please press and hold the power button before connecting the light kit to power/battery. Continue to hold for 3 seconds (until the lights flash) after power is connected.


          New remote control